Policies and Procedures


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The following policies and procedures are subject to the Bylaws of the San Diego Business Travel Association, Inc. However, the Board of Directors may make any changes to these polices and procedures at any time deemed necessary by a 2/3 affirmative vote of all Board members.

Admission to Membership

Application for membership shall be made in writing and forwarded to the Membership Director, together with the appropriate membership fee. This fee is $175.00 for Direct and Allied Members. Any outstanding monies must be paid before membership may be renewed.

Corporate Travel Planners and/or corporate Meeting Planners are eligible for membership. Each Direct Member in good standing may appoint an alternate member from his/her organization who may attend general meetings. The alternate will not have voting privileges. Alternate members may also attend general meetings with the member, and will be charged the price applicable to guests.

Allied members in good standing may also appoint an alternate member from his/her organization who may attend general meetings. The alternate will not have voting privileges. Allied members who serve on the Board of Directors are permitted to bring their alternates to general meetings at the applicable guest price because of the need for Allied Board members to perform Board functions during the general meetings.

Guests may attend up to two (2) regular meetings/events during a fiscal year before being contacted to submit an application for membership together with the applicable dues and acceptance of application by the Board. Should an applicant not qualify for membership in accordance with Article III of the Bylaws, the initiation fee will be returned to the applicant with a letter of explanation within sixty (60) days.

Annual Dues

Renewal dues shall be $175.00 per year for Corporate and Allied Members. Effective January 2008 each new membership will be a rolling twelve months. Membership renewals not received within 30 days of membership expiration will not appear on the membership roster, and access to the members only part of the website will be denied.

Membership Termination

A member may sustain his/her active membership status for a balance of the paid membership term if there is a change in job duties (in which they are not travel related) or if in between jobs, after which membership will become a "limited" membership. "Limited" members will be maintained on the mailing list and will be entitled to attend meetings at the member's fee; however, "limited" members will have no voting privileges, nor be eligible to serve in an elected or appointed position. This "limited" status will terminate in the event that a new position is accepted in which job responsibilities are not travel related, or one year from the date of status change. Any member who fails to continue to meet the qualifications for membership as prescribed in the Bylaws shall be terminated as a member through decision of a 2/3 vote of all Board members. A member whose membership has been terminated will be advised promptly, in writing, of such termination.

Reinstatement of Membership

Upon written request, signed by the former member and filed with the Secretary, the Board by affirmative vote of 2/3 of all Board members may reinstate such former member to membership upon such terms as the Board may deem appropriate.

Transfer of Membership

Membership shall be the property of the corporation the member represents. Exception: In the event that an individual rather than the corporation has paid for his/her membership personally, that membership may be transferred with the individual upon written request to the Board and an affirmative vote by 2/3 of all Board members.

General Meetings

The members shall meet once a month, usually on the last Wednesday of every month, at a place designated by the Board. All members shall receive notification of the place of meeting at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.


The Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee to serve under the Executive Vice President. The slate of nominees will be announced in September, with elections being held in October. The December Board of Directors meeting shall be attended by both the current and newly-elected Board members. If a nominee receives a 10% or more "no" vote, the board will review the nominee's application.

Officers and Directors

In addition to the officers required in the Bylaws (i.e., President, Executive Vice President, VP of Treasury, VP of Administration/Secretary and Chairperson) they and the following directors will be elected by the membership to serve on the Board for a minimum of one (1) year: Director of Membership, Director of Programs, Director of Marketing/Advertising, Director of Education, Director of Special Events/Volunteers, and Director of Philanthropy/Public Relations. Additionally, the Board may appoint Committee Chairs to include but not be limited to: Chair, Education Day, Chair Special Events, Chair Holiday Auction.

It is the responsibility of Board members to attend both General and Board meetings. Any Board member who misses more than two Board meetings in succession, or a total of three in a year, will forfeit their Board position unless a 2/3 majority vote of the Board approves their continued service. In the event a Board member is unable to attend a meeting, it is their responsibility to notify the President and secure a Board member for back-up representation.

A Board member's inability to fulfill the duties of their position may result in removal from the Board by a vote of 2/3 of the Board members.

If the immediate past President is unable to serve as Chairperson, the next available predecessor shall serve in his/her position, or the position shall remain vacant.

In addition to the duties outlined in the Bylaws, the President shall:

· Represent or arrange for qualified representation of the Chapter at all meetings of the Chapter and act as Master of Ceremonies at all meetings of the Chapter.
· Prepare Meeting announcements comprised of but not limited to:
o General Welcome
o Announcing upcoming meetings or events
o Introducing guests
o Introducing speaker
o Introducing host
o Conduct opportunity drawing
o Closing statements
· Organize, plan and chair Board meetings.
· Write articles for newsletter or other communications with membership as requested.
· Oversee the updating of Board member position responsibilities and duties.
· Act as liaison with other BTA chapters and NBTA
· Act as Chief Executive Officer of San Diego Business Travel Association:

· National Business Travel Association (NBTA):
o Represent the Chapter at the annual NBTA Conference, attending and participating in all appropriate events.
o Provide the Board with a complete report on the Conference.
o Provide the Membership with an overview of the Conference.
o The President shall pass onto his/her replacement any information on the meeting provided by NBTA, including the agenda and background on any issues to be discussed.

· Chapter President's Council (CPC)
o Represent the Chapter at CPC meetings. In the event that the President is unable to attend a meeting of the CPC, he/she shall appoint a qualified representative. The qualified representative must be an NBTA member and should be a Board member in the following order of preference:
§ Chairperson
§ Executive Vice President
§ Board Member (preferably a Direct member in order that the attendee may vote on behalf of the Chapter).
o The President shall provide as much notice to the Board as possible of his/her inability to attend a CPC meeting in order that a qualified replacement may be found.
o The President (or replacement) shall provide the Board a complete report on the actions and discussions at the CPC meetings.

· The President shall nominate the PAC liaison upon approval of the Board.

Duties of other Board members are described below:

Chairperson (non-voting position - attendance requirements waived) - in the absence of someone serving in this position, these duties will be assigned by the Board.

* Support the President in leading the Chapter
* Serve as resource person for the Board of Directors of the Chapter
* Review and recommend updates or changes to the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures
* Chair Awards committee
* Perform other duties that may from time to time be assigned by the President or BOD

Executive Vice President

* Fill in for President as needed
* Coordinate monthly Board meetings and send out meeting notice
* Accumulate agenda items for monthly Board meetings
* Chair annual Board Strategic Planning meeting and solicit sponsorship for event
* Arrange for venue of Board meetings
* Chair nominating committee
* Chair Scholarship committee which involves creating application guidelines and review scholarship applications to be presented to the Board for recommendation
* Coordinate with Director of Philanthropy on annual Board Strategic Planning Meeting
* Act as Agent for Service of Process

VP of Treasury
• Check the SDBTA post office mailbox and distribute mail accordingly

* Notify Director of membership of any applications received
* Collect Chapter funds and deposit all funds into Chapter bank account
* Pay accounts payable as directed by Board of Directors
* Implement procedures designed to enable a Board member working on a project to easily obtain approval from the Board for unexpected expenditures
* Prepare monthly financial statements and budget variances for Board of Directors
* Maintain bank account and reconcile bank statement monthly
* Work with Board members and Committee chairs to set an operating budget for the Chapter

- Monitor expenses to assure that the Chapter stays within that budget

* Monitors website event registrations:

- Ensure payments are processed properly
- Confirm payments when received via check or cash

* Assist with registration at monthly Chapter meetings and events, accepting funds

* Identify and send invoices to all no-shows from monthly Chapter meetings
* Notify Director of membership of any applications received

VP of Administration/Communications/Secretary

* Prepare and maintain minutes of monthly Board meeting and send to BOD within one week after the meeting is held
* Maintain Chapter archives
* File legal documents as needed
* Create and maintain Board meeting attendance records to be sent on a monthly basis with minutes to Board
* Chair CMC committee and ensure its goals are in line with SDBTA objectives

Director of Membership

* Implement and manage Board-approved membership recruitment program
* Compile prospect lists
* Create procedure for membership follow-up calls
* Create a welcome packet to be e-mailed or mailed to new members upon enrolment
* Make follow-up calls to prospective members
* Send out approved membership applications and follow up
* Work with VP of Treasury to validate member status
* Check the website for new member applications, and notify the VP of Treasury
* Send out membership renewal notices
* Advise President of new members to be recognized at monthly meetings

Director of Programs

* Send out meeting Requests for Proposal (RFPs)
* Select site and menu for monthly Chapter meetings
* Secure meeting directions and advise Director of Communications
* Determine parking costs/arrangements
* Provide the final meal count for meeting
* Communicate details of monthly meetings to Director of Communications 60 days in advance
* Acknowledge meeting host(s) and provide President with Host information prior to meeting
* Work with Committee Chair of Special Events, and Holiday Auction, assisting with site selection, menu options, final rsvp count, parking, and normal venue activities.
* Report results of after meeting/event surveys to the Board

Director of Marketing/Advertising
• Plan and execute yearly marketing strategy in conjunction with SDBTA objectives
• Create and manage advertising campaign including but not limited to:
- Soliciting website sponsorship
- Establishing pricing for website advertising
• Work with Director of Special Events to coordinate fundraising efforts
• Work with Website/PR Director to enable sponsorship on website
• Chair any special fundraisers or opportunity drawings
• Solicit sponsorships for annual Strategic Planning Meeting

Director of Education

* Chair Education Committee to develop and implement educational program for SDBTA
* Co-Chair Educational Conference and Exhibition
* Arrange speakers for monthly meetings and obtain speaker contracts in all cases
* Arrange for audio-visual equipment or any other type of aid speaker may need
* Communicate speaker information to Director of Communications/Website 60 days in advance of meeting

* Send follow-up thank-you notes to speakers within two weeks of meeting
* Communicate speaker costs to Treasurer for payment
* Register speaker (and their guest) on the web site for each event


Director of Special Events/Volunteers

* Chair annual Networking event

* Chair Annual Holiday Auction (Director of Programs as co-chair)

o Communicate site location and date information to Director of Communications 60 days in advance

* Co-Chair annual Educational Day
* Supply final list of registrants for each event and carry a supply of Receipts

* Develop volunteer committees and assign a chairperson for each
o Membership/Registration/Greeting -
---- Prepare name badges for Chapter meetings
o Education Day
o Networking Event
o Holiday Gala

* Membership/Greeting - Create Hospitality Greeting/Mentor Committee to integrate new members into SDBTA
* Registration - Assign volunteers to assist with registration and collection of meeting dues
* Organize and provide all name tags for each monthly meeting
* Education Day - Organize the volunteers and work with chairperson to assist with event
* NBTA - Assist in coordination of volunteering opportunities with the annual NBTA convention
* Holiday Gala - Organize the volunteers and work with chairperson to assist with event
* Keep in touch with all individuals who express interest in volunteering and let them know of any new opportunities

Director of Communication/Website

* Work with website provider to assure maintenance and timely updates to website
* Collect RSVPs for the monthly Chapter meetings
* Assist Director of Marketing/Advertising in posting web-ads and links
* Notify members of monthly meetings and relevant events
* Create and distribute meeting surveys following each event
* Post breaking news and job bank listings to the website and notify members via email

Director of Public Relations and Philantrophy

* Serve as editor of SDBTA newsletter
* Communicate meeting dates to local papers and Identify opportunities for free PR with local media
* Provide draft of newsletter to President and Chairman for proofing and final edit

* Post newsletter on website and distribute to current mailing list through website
* Serve as Chapter photographer

* Chair annual charity nomination committee
* Promote awareness of SDBTA community service programs and organize drives related to them
* Solicit prizes and sell tickets for monthly raffles

§ Work with members of local and industry media/press to promote SDBTA, its events and its members.
§ Create meeting tagline and notice to be sent to the membership and send to Director of Communications 60 days in advance of meeting to identify opportunities for free or low cost PR with local media and communicate pertinent organizational information through media.

* Work with other Board Members to help promote each of their programs/events and increase community awareness of organization/programs/events
* Press Release and "Photo Gallery" pages of website.
* Serve as Chapter Photographer for all chapter meetings and events
* Liaison with local, state and federal government officials (where applicable) to inform them of chapter/industry concerns. Also inform chapter members of issues relating to industry, which have been made aware of through these relationships.
* Work with other Government Relations Directors of the Greater California BTAs on issues which effect all GCBTA organizations and their members.


Committee members will be asked to attend two mandatory board meetings per year, the first meeting of the year to assist in the presentation of the committee's yearly plan of action and the last meeting of the year to submit the completion report. Additional committees are encouraged and may be formed at any time with majority approval of the Board.

Membership Committee
The role of the membership committee is to maintain communication between SDBTA and its current and prospective members. Although the responsibilities are multifaceted, the primary goals are as follows:
• Working with the Membership Director to establish goals and follow up plan through a committee report to be presented at monthly Board meetings
• Create and implement annual membership-drive from Create conception to completion
• Collect list of prospective members
• Create Hospitality Officers Team (HOT) Committee to work with membership committee in assisting with the integration of new members into the organization. Although the HOT committee's responsibilities are multifaceted, the primary goals are as follows:

Marketing and Advertising Coordination Committee (MAC)
The role of MAC Committee is to work with Director of Marketing/Advertising to develop plans for sponsorship to off-set the cost of the association's events and functions. Although the responsibilities are multifaceted, the primary goals are as follows:
• Create marketing and advertising campaigns
• Develop pricing guidelines for advertising packages

Scholarship Committee
The role of the Scholarship Committee is to work with the Executive Vice President to identify education programs that may benefit members and create scholarships that will provide financial aid to members wishing to further their professional growth. Although the responsibilities are multifaceted, the primary goals are as follows:
• Creation of scholarship application
• Review applications and present nominations to the board for approval

Education Day Committee
The role of the Education Day Committee is to work with the Director of Education to research speakers, develop Education Day content, assist with speaker logistics and work onsite during Education Day as liaison with the Director of Programs.

Holiday Gala and Auction Committee
The role of the Holiday Gala and Auction Committee is to develop a theme for the event, solicit auction prizes, ensure proper forms are received, collect auction items, work at the venue for auction set up, processing payments and clean-up.

Registration Committee
This group will handle all aspects of registration: check-in, accepting payments, distributing badges, collecting information on guest/attendee registrants for follow up, and providing written receipts if requested.

General Procedures Meetings

The President shall set the time and place of the regular meetings of the Board. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by either the President or upon the written request of any three (3) Directors. The President, or the Directors who call the meeting, shall fix the time and place of any special meeting.

1. Notice. The Executive Vice President shall give notice of the regular meetings of the Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days before the meeting. The Executive Vice President shall give notice of any special meeting of the Board of Directors at least three (3) calendar days before the meeting. In both cases, the notice shall be in writing and delivered personally, sent by overnight mail, facsimile or e-mail to each Director at his/her address as shown by the records of the Chapter. The business to be transacted at any special meeting of the Board of Directors must be specified in the notice of such meeting.


2. Quorum. The presence of a majority (currently 6) of the voting members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board.


3. Manner of Acting. The act of a majority of the Directors present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the Board of Directors, unless the act of a greater number is required by law, by these Bylaws, or by Robert's Rules of Order.


4. Informal Acting. Any action required by law to be taken at a meeting of the Directors, or any action that may be taken at a meeting of Directors, may be taken without a meeting, if a consent in writing setting forth the action so taken shall be signed by a majority of the Directors.


5. Fiscal Responsibility. With the realization that one of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to maintain the Chapter in a healthy fiscal state, using funds generated by dues and fundraising efforts to the betterment of the entire Chapter, the Board shall:

a) Establish a budget for the year based on input from all members and all Committee chairs.

b) Use every effort to stay within that budget.

c) Require a written receipt for any expenditure of over $75.00.

d) Implement policies that will, as nearly as possible, eliminate requests for funding after the fact. This policy shall enable a Board member working on a project to easily and quickly obtain approval for any unexpected expenditure.

e) Plan and participate in no more than two (2) SDBTA-sponsored planning retreats each year.

f) Any checks, drafts, orders for the payment of money, notes or other evidences of indebtedness in excess of $1,000 requires a majority vote approval of the Board of Directors

Posted: 12/21/07