Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SDBTA affiliated with Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)?
* Yes, and as such, we have by-laws, policies and procedures to which we adhere. GBTA was formerly known as NBTA and changed their name in February 2011.

What is the Mission Statement of SDBTA?

WIth a focus on: Education, Networking, Philanthropy and Leadership, We promote the common business interest of individuals and businesses engaged in the business travel industry.

How is networking defined?
* While sales opportunities may exist within SDBTA, we ask that Vendor (Allied) members honor the neutral ground that should be experienced at our meetings. SDBTA's core focus is on education and networking, defined as getting acquainted with other business people outside of the office environment. We offer sponsorship opportunities to display sales materials both at meetings and on the website.

What are the annual membership dues?
* Corporate (Direct) members: $175
* Vendor (Allied) members: $175

What are the dues for membership renewal?
* Corporate (Direct) members: $175
* Vendor (Allied) members: $175

 Where can I get SDBTA's IRS Form W9?
* Please click this link for SDBTA's IRS Form W9.

When are SDBTA meetings held?
* Typically on the last Thursday of the month. Generally speaking we have 8-9 meetings throughout the year.

* The dates of the Summer Networking meeting and Annual Holiday Auction in December vary.

* The typical format is 45 minutes for registration check-in and networking; one hour for meal and business meeting; one hour for speaker and Q&A.

Will I receive meeting notices?
* Yes, we email you regularly with chapter updates and events.

What is the cost of the meeting and may I prepay for them?
* For members, meetings are $45 with advance RSVP, $55 late RSVP, walk-up prices vary per venue.
* For non-members and guests, meetings are $65 with advance RSVP, $75 late RSVP, walk-ups vary.
* Advance reservations are highly preferred as a consideration to the venue.
* The annual meal prepayment of $315 covers ONLY the eight regular monthly meetings and does not include special events such as the Summer Networking, Holiday Auction or other special event.

Are credit cards accepted for meetings? Which ones?
* Yes. American Express, Visa and MasterCard are accepted for meetings and membership payment.

May I bring a guest?
* Yes. The Chapter welcomes both Direct and Allied guests.
If I cancel or no-show a meeting, is there a charge?
* Yes. Cancellations the week of the meeting, or no-shows the day of the meeting, will be invoiced. We typically guarantee a count to the venue two business days prior and we are charged accordingly.

How many memberships are permitted from one company?
* A company may own as many memberships as needed. Each member may also designate an alternate to attend in his/her absence. SDBTA reserves the right to review and limit memberships as may become necessary.

If I lose my job, do I have to resign my membership?
* An active member may remain "active" for one year between jobs, or in a non-travel related job. After that time, membership changes to "limited." As a "limited" member they may attend meetings, but may not serve on the Board. The "limited" status will terminate when the member returns to a job involved with business travel, or it will expire in one year if they do not.

If I change jobs, what happens to my membership?
* The membership is retained by the company if they paid for it. If the member paid personally for the membership, it stays with the member.
* Example:  Sue Smith leaves  ABC Hotel, which has paid or reimbursed her for  membership in SDBTA. She joins the XYZ Hotel. Unless the XYZ Hotel is an SDBTA member, Sue is no longer a member and must resubmit an application at the new member rate. The former employer, ABC Hotel, should designate a new representative as its SDBTA member and advise us of their contact information. It is helpful to save payment documentation to avoid confusion.
* You must notify the Vice President of Membership of any job changes in order to receive your email meeting notices and to keep your membership status in good standing.

How may I get more involved with SDBTA?
* SDBTA Committees include Welcome, Membership and Holiday Auction.
* Board of Director position nominations and elections are held for the upcoming calendar year in in the fall. Occasionally Board positions open up during the year and appointments are made to fill them.
* Contact the Director of Special Events and Volunteers if you are interested in serving on a committee or on the board.

For additional information or to ask a question please email us:  [email protected]

Thank you!